A New Intersection for the Council and the Latino Community

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“En Sintonia con el Concejo de Montgomery” is the new radio show of Radio America 1540AM produced in partnership between the radio station and Montgomery County Council. Already in its first month on air key guests have visited the show, including local elected officials and well known Hispanic leaders in Montgomery County.

Julie Rios Little "En Sintonia" host speaking with Council Vice President George Leventhal

Julie Rios Little “En Sintonia” host speaking with Council Vice President George Leventhal

“The Council makes very complex legislative decisions, including zoning and it also makes the final decisions related to the county’s fiscal budget, so it is important to use a media outlet like Radio America (to disseminate the information)” said Councilmember Navarro, who hopes that the program also helps foster Latino civic participation at the local level. “This program airs every Friday at 2 p.m. and is a bridge that connects local politicians, the Councilmembers, with our community and vice versa” said Alejandro Carrasco, President of Radio America.

FIRST SHOW: Councilmember Nancy Navarro gave an overview of the Council’s responsibilities, the Government Operation Committee she presides over, and the importance of building a stronger Latino civic movement. Daniel Parra, Executive Director of the Montgomery County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce mentioned the services they offer to their members and talked about how they are helping spread the word about the Local Small Business Reserve Program in the county.

To hear this program (in Spanish) click on the following link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbLSnt1xu1Q&list=PLvk-7RcdeRpS2sAMCbiJiaIwyEL-K8c_5&index=6

SECOND SHOW: We talked about the work of the current Council President, Craig Rice, in the District he represents (2), and his work as chair of the Education Committee. We discussed the recently released Office of Legislative Oversight report on secondary school performances, the issue of academic achievement gap and high level of expelling of Hispanic and African American students. Teresa Rios Wright of the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) called the program and talked about the school resources available to parents, who play a key role in the success of their children. At last, Liliana Arango, Director of the Hispanic Business and Training Institute of Montgomery College shared information on the training courses the institute offers in Spanish.

To see this program (in Spanish) click on the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgCnsgj-6GM&list=PLvk-7RcdeRpS2sAMCbiJiaIwyEL-K8c_5&index=5

THIRD SHOW: Council Vice-president George Leventhal visited the show to talk about various issues and programs related to health and poverty. He gave an overview of Montgomery Cares, Linkages to Learning, and the Working Family Income Supplement. We also talked about the quality of food offered at the MCPS school cafeterias and opened the lines for questions from the community. Marisela Villamil, Director of the SBTDC Hispanic Business Center urged Latino business owners to not only participate in the civic processes, but also get ready for and take part in the procurement process of contracts with the local government.

To see this program (in Spanish) click on the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uJj5MvV4Ko&feature=youtu.be

FOURTH SHOW: This show focused on civic and community participation. Carmen Hernandez and Carlos Iglesias of Impact Silver Spring explained how the circles of opportunities are strengthening communities in Montgomery County. Nuri Funes, leader of a circle of neighbors of Grandview gave clear examples of how they are actively participating at the Council. These same guests talked about how small business are helping make our county more prosperous with the examples of the cooking circles and family day cares.

En Sintonía con el Concejo de Montgomery is the new radio show on Radio America 1540am and airs every Friday from 2 to 2:30 p.m. on radio or online.


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Julie Rios Little

About Julie Rios Little

Julie Rios Little is a bilingual multimedia reporter. She works with County Council to bring key information to the Latino community and encourage their civic participation at the local level. She is originally from Venezuela and has lived in the DC area for 14 years. You can e-mail or Tweet her at Julie.RiosLittle@montgomerycountymd.gov @rioslittle Julie Rios Little es una reportera multimedia bilingüe trabajando en el Concejo del Condado de Montgomery para traer información clave para la comunidad latina. Ella también busca promover la participación de su comunidad latina en los procesos cívicos locales. Julie es venezolana y ha vivido en la región metropolitana por mas de 14 años. Puedes escribirle a Julie.RiosLittle@montgomerycountymd.gov o a su cuenta Twitter @rioslittle


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