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IMG_1331[1]Ever since I can remember my family has been big into traveling. I’ve been to thirteen countries, twenty seven states, and Puerto Rico. This past month I was fortunate enough to visit London, England, and tour the Southern coast of Iceland.

I have been to England before because my dad was born in Manchester and the majority of his family lives in London now. This time we went to attend my cousin’s wedding and it was a blast! I haven’t been to a wedding since I was about five years old so it was a completely different experience. I had more of an interest in the actual ceremony this time and the reception was different than I had remembered it to be when I was five. As in, I don’t even remember the reception at all when I was five and it was a little fuzzy this time but for another reason. All in all, it was absolutely wonderful to see my family at such a fun event and I cannot wait to see them all again this Fall when I spend a semester in London!

On the way back from London we decided to make a pit stop in Iceland. We spent seven days taking a self-lead driving tour of the Southern coast of Iceland. We started from the West in a city called Reykjavik and got all the way to Hofn in the East. Each day we drove through miles and miles of the most stunning landscapes I have ever seen. That’s not necessarily saying much since I live in Gaithersburg, Maryland but I think it is safe to say I won’t see anything like Iceland for a long time. There were waterfalls, glaciers, endless fields of green grass, and sheep. They say there are more sheep in Iceland than people but I think that’s an understatement because it seemed like there were more sheep in Iceland than there were blades of grass. Yet somehow the wool managed to cost a million dollars and so did everything else. If you are going for cheap travel, Iceland is not for you. Unless you are trying to lose weight in which case it is perfect for you because you really can’t afford to eat anyways. If you want an idea of how expensive things are, I found a pack of gum for twenty four dollars.

Before going to Iceland there were two close calls in my family of people dropping out. It was an overwhelming thought of four crazy people stuck in a car for seven days, but we were all on our best behavior and it worked out better than I could have imagined. It did not end up feeling like too much time in the car because every five minutes we stopped to take a picture of a field that was even greener than the last one or a sheep that was more majestic. We also got out to take hikes to waterfalls or up rocks to see amazing landscapes.

We took a boat ride through a water full of ice caps. There were times during this ride that I was convinced the entire vehicle was perpendicular to the water and none of us had seat belts. This was fun until the driver informed us that if we fell in the water we would have no more than seven minutes until we froze to death. I have felt more at ease in my life, but nevertheless I enjoyed wearing our high-fashion full body life vests while eating ten thousand year old ice. In hindsight I probably should have thought before I ate something so old but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

In addition to this boat ride we went on other adventures such as a tour to see puffins, a giant thermal pool, and loads of sight-seeing! For those of you who are waiting for encouragement or discouragement from going to Iceland, this is my advice. Wait until you win the lottery, and then get yourself to this beautiful country because I can promise you now, you’ll never see anything like it again!




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Hannah Canetti

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My name is Hannah Canetti and I am going into my junior year at James Madison University in Virginia. I am majoring in the School of Media Arts and Design with a concentration in Digital Video and Cinema. I have had a love of filmmaking since I was about twelve years old and I hope to do it for the rest of my life!


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