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Music-Video-Camp-modified-width-300-for-webLast Friday I went back to camp for the first time in seven years and wow have things changed. At the Create Your Own Music Video camp the kids ran the show, doing everything from producing, directing, editing and acting in their own music videos. The program gives the reigns back to the students and lets them explore their creativity, while also providing them with the skills and equipment they need to make their projects a reality.

When I walked through the front door of Docs In Progress, the company partenered with MCM, I was immediately transported to a movie set. As they filmed a wide shot, we were pushed to the corner of the room by their producer, who was taking control of the set to keep the camera rolling. Another student manned a camera while the director analyzed the shot. The team didn’t stop, but instead continued shooting as if we’d never interrupted them.

I was shocked by their professionalism before even interviewing any of them. The program is structured so the kids are immersed in their individual roles, while still working as a fluid team to combine their unique skill sets. All the while, these students told me they were having a blast, excited to see their visions come to life.

This made my job much easier. When I first got there I wasn’t sure what questions I was going to ask, but once I saw how knowledgeable the kids were, I knew I wouldn’t have a problem getting them to talk. They told me all about their different projects and demonstrated a mastery of technical language I wouldn’t have understood at their age.

MCM camps provide students with the opportunity to learn in a hands-on way few camps can offer, and teach them the teambuilding and leadership skills they need whether they go into television, film, or any other field.

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Ari Halevy

About Ari Halevy

My name is Ari Halevy and I'm excited to be with MCM this summer! This fall I will be a junior at Carnegie Mellon University, studying Film and Business with a focus on production. I'm dedicated to bringing quality entertainment to the community, whether it be through movies, television, or music.


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    Thanks Ari, we can wait to see your work.

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