Friday Night Lights (and some Saturday's too!) - Kick-Off of Mythical Match-Up Football

Announcing the MMU!

How about some fun with Friday Night Lights – High School Football styled? Why not add a specter of gamesmanship to it – let’s pit the best against one another. Are you game? Well then here it is – it’s called the Mythical Match-Up Challenge. It’s only here on Montgomery Community Media.

Friday Night Lights (and some Saturdays too!) – Kick-Off of Mythical Match-Up Football

What is it?

Mythical Match-Up is a fantasy high school football season of 7 games staged among teams that because of county state or jurisdictional alignment may not meet in a regulation football season. It’s a “what-if” scenario of playing high school football against a neighborhood opponent or a cross-town team from a different league. It has private school versus public school.

How does it work?

Two leagues– one inside Montgomery County and the other would cover the larger DC Metro area. Seven teams are in each league.

The season’s length is 7 weeks and each team will play a game against one of seven opponents. League play begins on September 7th and ends on November 2nd. A champion would be declared after the MD and VA State playoffs end shortly after Thanksgiving.

You can find the rules outlined and published on my website – in the category called Mythical Match Up Football. That blog contains all the schedules and standings within the leagues. I would talk about the leaders in each league on this blog, what makes teams good and what to look for over the entire schedule of this Match-Up season.

The Season

Games played against one another, best described as “Mythical Match-Ups” determine the challenge champion. Success is based on a point system that results from a team’s weekly scheduled regular season opponent game then match-up head to head to one of seven “mythical” opponents and their results for the same time period. Points are neither awarded nor “ranking” of teams are based on individual performance, or because of the lack of a team member.

Challenge Champion

MCM will sponsor a plaque for the Montgomery County champion.

The MoCo Mythical League

1) Quince Orchard
2) Seneca Valley
3) Winston Churchill
4) Bullis Prep
5) Good Counsel
6) Northwest
7) Sherwood

The Metro Mythical League

1) Wise (Prince Georges)
2) Old Mill (Anne Arundel)
3) Westfield (Fairfax)
4) Quince Orchard (Montgomery)
5) Friendship Collegiate (DC-Charter)
6) Stone Bridge (Loudoun)
7) Good Counsel (WCAC)

Top Three Pre-Season Rankings

So to spice thing up – and to keep it simple I am picking my top 3 teams in the Metro DC area and in Montgomery County. If I am right – and I have got no record here my top 3 choices in each league will be in these positions as of December 1, 2012. Here go my top 3 teams in a preseason ranking with a look towards who will win the challenge title and why they will win

Mythical Match Up for Montgomery County (MoCo):

1) Quince Orchard – three words. Defense, Defense, Defense
2) Good Counsel – they got the talent but it will not last the WCAC season
3) Northwest – the up and comer in 4A West – can anyone match up with this offensive juggernaut – we will see.

Sleeper – is Winston Churchill – forget last year’s successes – they could make it to the next level – the MoCo Mythical Challenge Champion.

Mythical Match Up for Metro DC

1) Stone Bridge – best football team in the tri-state area – bar none
2) Friendship Collegiate – a training ground for future U of MD talent – their schedule is the weakest of all seven (but just beat St. John’s this weekend)
3) Quince Orchard – mean, nasty and is carrying a wicked 2011 chip on their shoulders.

Sleeper – is Westfield – this VA – AAA Concorde team is itching to prove themselves. They will get that chance against Stone Bridge and can only do it here in the Metro Mythical Challenge.

If you have an opinion or a better set of Match-Up’s – let us at MCM know. Meantime, I neet to locate an engraver for that MMU Challenge Plaque.

Phil Fabrizio

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