“Another way of looking at film editing” (Photos)

“I did not really realize what editing was until I was in the editing room myself.” ~Jodie Foster; Director; Little Man Tate, Home for the Holidays
(Even people who have worked in the business for over 30 years aren’t fully aware of the importance of editing.)

MVC 21 MVC 26

Our filmmaker have been editing all week, they’ve watch examples of different videos and received advise from the pros through a fantastic documentary “The Cutting Edge: The Magic of Movie Editing” then went back to work on their own projects.

MVC 22

How do you translate what’s in the directors head to the final video?
Edit the rough draft, edit a second rough draft then edit some more.

MVC 25
MVC 23

“As an editor, you only see what is on the screen, not what was going on at the time of shooting. And that’s how it’s going to look to the audience. I make it a principle not to… see anything other than the images that come to me from location.” ~Walter Murch

One of the challenges we faced as instructors was helping our young filmmakers realized you need more of everything to make your story come alive.


MVC 24

“The editor didn’t inundate him or herself with a year and a half of pre-production, so the editor has the most objective eye in that creative environment.” ~Steven Spielberg; Director; Schindler’s List

All of our filmmakers were on the shoot, but when they started to edit it became a whole other beast, which in time they tamed very nicely.

MVC 26

“By the time I’ve thought of an idea, written it, found the financing, cast the film, directed it, I get to the cutting room and it’s like I’ve washed up on shore. Because I’m so happy to be there. Then I think ‘Now we can start making the film.’” ~Alexander Payne; Director; Election, About Schmidt

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