Ari Takes Annapolis

Ari_annapolisI had no idea what to expect when I shipped off to interview members of the Maryland Communications Tax Reform Commission. Before we even got into the car the adventure began. After a bee flew down my shirt, I proceeded to strip in front of the cameraman I met just thirty seconds prior, trying to restrain myself from flailing as it crawled down my spine. As it turned out the bee was actually an over-sized ladybug. Now that’s a great first impression.

Getting to Annapolis was straightforward, except we unusually hit no traffic, which my new acquaintance and I had been discussing as an ice breaker for upwards of thirty minutes. Once we got there, we ended up parking on the roof of a garage and had to take the elevator with the equipment. I hit the first floor button and it sent us to the basement. So I hit the second floor button, but it also sent us to the basement. The third floor was the charm. Wow did I look stupid this trip.

Thankfully that was the end of my series of unfortunate events. We set up the camera in the Louis L. Goldstein Treasury Building and prepared to record the meeting, chatting it up with a few other cameramen as we waited. I was the only reporter, and I’m not even a real reporter! That’s when I really felt the pressure. Realizing I couldn’t take cues from anyone else, I returned to my notes and memorized every detail. I was going to know everything about the new proposals. After the meeting commenced I found that task impossible.

I physically couldn’t write fast enough to keep up with the debate. And then it was over before I knew it. Now I had to choose who I wanted to interview and make sure I asked them the right questions. I can’t say that I remember much more.

Holding the microphone steady was my first and foremost concern, besides maintaining an heir of professionalism of course. Luckily all went well. Once we got the footage, I got to practice my own stand-up outside the building, which is definitely not as easy as it looks. Looking into a camera is like forcing yourself to stare at Medusa’s head: it’s awkward. And I’m talking about post decapitation Medusa.

I’m going to leave you with that image. That pretty much sums up my trip, and I can’t wait for my next adventure here at MCM!


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Ari Halevy

About Ari Halevy

My name is Ari Halevy and I’m excited to be with MCM this summer! This fall I will be a junior at Carnegie Mellon University, studying Film and Business with a focus on production. I’m dedicated to bringing quality entertainment to the community, whether it be through movies, television, or music.


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  1. Robert Snip
    On June 18, 2013 at 4:23 pm responded with... #

    This is such an entertaining story Ari! I wish you a fantastic internship with MCM, by the looks of it you’re off to a great start in media world!

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