Asbury Methodist Village Seniors Go Snow Tubing (PHOTOS & VIDEOS)

Whoever said getting old is no fun has not met these seniors. Residents of Asbury Methodist Village in Gaithersburg took a day trip to Mercersburg, Pa. to have a little fun in the snow. From a young age of 62 to a wise and benevolent age of 92, these seniors did not shy away from the slopes.Whitetail Ski Resort

This is the fifth year that the village has hosted a snow tubing excursion which is a way for residents to stay healthy and active. Thirty six residents took part in the snow tubing event which has become somewhat of a tradition says Cathy Richards, the director of lifestyle and wellness at Asbury Methodist Village.

“Snow tubing is one of our most fun annual events. We’ve been doing it for five years now. It’s a great opportunity for residents to come out and have some fun and challenge what people expect a senior community to go out and do and for people to just have a great time,” Richards said.

The group’s eldest member, Charles “Chuck” Taylor was very excited about snow tubing. Taylor is a former Secret Service agent who served on the personal protection detail for Presidents Truman and Eisenhower. Although he’s no stranger to winter sports, Taylor says he’s up for the challenge.

“This is my first trip here and it sounds exciting. It’s going to be a lot of fun,” Taylor said just before hitting the slopes.Asbury Methodist Village Seniors

The day was truly a clash of generations as seniors lined up alongside middle school students from a local school in Pennsylvania. Sally Byrne, a 75 year old former physical therapist didn’t let younger snow enthusiast break her cool. Byrne said she was going to take it easy today and ride down the slopes just “10” times this go around rather than 14 times as she previously did the year before.

“It’s fun!…You can’t run fast anymore so it’s good to go down on a tube and I wouldn’t ski because of my knees but this is great,” Byrne said.

Other members of the Asbury Methodist Village group including Frank Malony who is 79, Ann Doyle who is 78 and 91 year old Fern Kauffman, spoke about their snow day at Whitetail Ski Resort. Take a look at the videos and pictures below.

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