Black Bear Sightings in Montgomery County

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Montgomery Parks officials are reporting on the organization’s Facebook page that a black bear has been sighted more than once this week in the Wheaton area.

In fact, Wildlife Manager Ken D’Loughy of the Department of Natural Resources, said there have been reports of bear sightings at multiple locations in Montgomery County this week “ranging from Silver Spring to Rockville to Bethesda.”

He said the reports began on Monday, June 16 on Dean Road in Silver Spring. Later that night, he said there was a report received that a bear was spotted on Sunday night at the Woodmont Country Club in Rockville and then last night on Cheshire Drive in Bethesda.

The week of June 2- 6,  D’Loughy said a black bear was captured on videotape in Ellicott City moving through some residential areas.

According to officials, black bear sightings in Montgomery County have become relatively common over the past few years in the spring and summer months.

Experts say sightings tend to occur during the months of June and July when young, solitary bears (most often males) are striking out on their own and traveling in search of a home to call their own.

Here are some black bear safety tips and facts from Montgomery Parks website:

–Never feed bears or other wildlife (intentionally or unintentionally).
–Feeding bears is illegal in the State of Maryland.
–Don’t leave bowls of pet food or water outside. If possible, keep all pet food indoors at all times.
–Keep garbage in sturdy, clean containers with tight fitting lids. (Bear proof cans are recommended in areas where bear interactions become common.) Secure all trash cans and clean them regularly to minimize strong food odors as much as possible.
–Keep compost that contains food materials in enclosed bins away from your residence.
–Keep bird feeders out of reach.
–Keep barbeque grills clean and secure.
–Always walk your dogs on a leash.
–Do not tolerate bears becoming comfortable around your yard – encourage them to leave by making loud noises, etc.


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