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Building Community Through Conversations

MCM is pleased to offer individuals the opportunity to create their own weblog here on our website. Just like our public access television programs, our website offers individuals the ability to tell their story. Unlike our television shows, a weblog gives the author the opportunity to create a conversation with website visitors.

dog reading pictureSome Tips for Creating a Successful Blog
A blog is a tool you can use to share your insights, express your opinions and communicate with others. Be Interesting! Writing is hard work, so take some time and develop your topic. There’s no point doing it if people don’t read it.

Expose your personality. Almost all of the successful bloggers write about themselves, about families or movies or books or games; or they post pictures. People like to know what kind of a person is writing what they’re reading. Just keep in mind that a blog is a public place and you should try to avoid embarrassing your readers or anyone associated with MCM.

Link often. Linking to web sites from your blog or blog comments in support of your argument is an excellent idea! Be careful, though, to read the entire article or page you are linking to, in order to make sure that it is appropriate.

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Be a part of the dialog. Read the work of others and add your comments to their posts. Read others’ posts carefully, though, before adding your comments, and, should you disagree, use constructive criticism and evidence to support your position. The power of blogs is in the community they create – participate in the community.

Attribute to others. If you use quotations or data/information from other sources, be sure to cite the source of the quote or data/information.

Share your work. If there are documents or supporting files that are relevant to your post or idea, share them with your readers. Once again, be careful not to share any private information.

Practice good writing conventions. Be sure to check your posts for proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

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