Board of Directors, April 2012

Roles and Responsibilites

photo of MCM studio

MCM Studio

Montgomery Community Media is a nonprofit organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Board meetings are usually scheduled on third Monday of the month and are open to the public. Additional unscheduled meetings are at the call of the President. Board meetings are typically held in the classroom at MCM’s headquarters, 7548 Standish Place, Rockville, Md.

Directors must:

  • be a resident of Montgomery County
  • subscribe to a locally franchised cable television service
  • not hold any elected public office or work under the exclusive control of an elected official
  • file a financial disclosure statement with the Montgomery County Ethics Commission


President Nancy Poole
Unaffiliated (2011-2012)
Vice President Paul Silverman
Montgomery County Hearing Loss Association (2011-2014)
Secretary Linda Macklin
Unaffiliated (2011-2012)
Treasurer Marion Hayes Hull
Unaffiliated (2011-2012)


Miriam Bowden City of Rockville Representative (2011-2012)
Merrill Hessel Unaffiliated (2011-2012)
James Klimaski Unaffiliated (2011-2012)
Kenge Malidogo-Fludd African Women Council, Inc. (2011-2014)
Marian Merewitz Unaffiliated (2011-2012)
Charles Finn Peña Unaffiliated (2011-2012)
William Stewart (2011-2014)
Elizabeth Suarez At-Large (2011-2012)
Noreene Wells City of Takoma Park