Bradley J Struss

Please tell us a little about yourself.

I was not born in Montgomery County Maryland nor did I even step foot into Montgomery County until my teenage years. When finally I did however, I was impressed so much that I did not want to leave. I would spend weeks at time visiting the area, exploring different towns, attending public events, enjoying it’s unique architecture and landscape and of course riding the metro in every direction I could think of.

When I was nearing the end of college, I made it my goal that when I graduated, the first thing I was going to do was move to Montgomery County Maryland because of it’s opportunity, it’s serenity, and it’s diverse and welcoming community. I found myself working for the N-CPPC (Park & Planning Commission) in the year 2010 and found myself especially lucky to be stationed at the beautiful Brookside Gardens. While there I worked behind the scenes for many public events such as the Thanks Giving Day Parade, the Garden of Lights and Brookside Garden’s Earth Day. I also spent much of my time maintaining the grounds of the beautiful parks, greeting regular park-goers week after week and enjoying the changing of the four season’s landscape and agricultural outdoors which Maryland is so lucky to experience.

As much as I like the great outdoors I’ve also always had a passion for film, media, and the technology aspects of that nature, which is why I began to focus my time on how to develop a lifetime career in the broadcasting industry. I signed up every where I could, I reread all the books I saved from college, I even attended acting classes at Montgomery Community College. Later, I landed a job working for one of the oldest and most well-known audio visual companies in the area, Vox-Cam Associates in downtown Silver Spring. I also joined the DC Filmmakers Meet-up Group who has a great relationship with Montgomery County. Lastly, one of the choices I am most proud of, is joining and completing courses for the Montgomery County Media Public Access Members and Volunteers.

How long have you been associated with MCM and what have you been doing?

I am a certified Studio Director, Studio and Field Producer and Studio and Field Technician. I am proud to announce that I’m currently producing my own local county television news show titled “MoCo LoCo” which focuses on informing Montgomery County residents of newsworthy issues that take place within the regional radius. I have also volunteered for many MCM productions including Yala Fitness, Jazz Encounters, Recharge Your Marriage, J.S. Real Estate and the Marsha B. Show. I have also attended and participated in Montgomery Community Media Advisory meetings.

Please describe all the skills and abilities that you would bring to the Board of Directors.

I graduated from Temple University obtaining a Bachelors Degree in Film Media Arts. I have a long history of working on both public and private events for large and small audiences which include County Fairs, Concerts, Weddings, Children Recreation/Schooling Events, Grand Openings, Fundraisers, Auctions and Award Ceremonies. In the past I’ve worked for the Montgomery County National Capital Park and Planning Commission for over 3 years and have sat in on many of their worker/community meetings participating in discussions evaluating worker issues, volunteer management, teacher student agendas, budget and event scheduling, maintenance and interaction with the community. I believe I would be a great asset to the board because I am experienced in coordinating events for people in large groups. I also believe to be the appropriate age to bridge the gap between both older generations and youth as well as new technology verses tradition.

Please describe your vision for MCM.

I believe the media of a community is a window for the residents and a gateway for it’s users. It can reflect the happenings, concerns and general vibe of it’s people while serving as a medium to communicate the message. MCM serves as a beacon of entertainment, information, education, culture, documentation, training, organization, communication and interaction which is essential to the community.

We are living in the beginning of not only a new century, but a new millennium. The pace at which societies and networks interact has increased drastically over the past few decades. This has resulted in people accumulating larger amounts of information from television, internet and mobile/social network devices. Montgomery County has the privilege of not only being up to speed on cutting edge technology and trends, but also harboring a great amount of talent, skill, and innovation with the ability to embrace it.

With a cumulative set of goals, persistent leadership and outreach, we have the chance to capture the essence of our community and deliver it to every television set, computer monitor and mobile device in a way that encourages more participation and an overall desire to tackle problems, raise standards and surpass people’s expectations.

How will you advocate on behalf of access users while on the Board?

The connection between a Public Access Television Station and it’s Community can be measured by it’s production quality, abundance of content, and alliance with the demographic of it’s residents. The greater we solidify that bond and encourage more residents to become Access users, the greater Montgomery County Media will become. As a Board Member, I will reach out to local businesses, organizations, and residents to organize and execute tactics to increase the Montgomery County Public Access Television Community. I will organize events to provide information on MCM, be a listening ear to hear feedback from it’s users and viewers, and fundraise to encourage financial and technical support that strengthens the production and outreach quality of the network.

Anything additional you would like to tell your fellow access users about your candidacy.

I fully appreciate this opportunity to be a named a candidate to serve as an Access User Member of the Board, if elected I promise to serve the Montgomery County Public Access Users to my greatest potential and represent said members as you see fit.

Thank you for your time and consideration.