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Montgomery Community Media has partnered with the Gandhi Brigade to produce “Gandhi Brigade: Just Us Youth Media Festival”. The Gandhi Brigade is a youth voice project that was started in Silver Spring, Maryland. Inspired by the vision of Mohandas Gandhi to create local peace brigades, the project uses the media... Read more

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Bringing Awareness

Being in Gandhi Brigade you get to learn various things, which is good. At least for those who like learning new things as much as they can. My most recent project dealt with a known problem, polar bears, which involved using information based design. With information based design I learned it’s more work on the researcher, since you obtain so much data and at the end it’s all shrunk down to one sheet of paper. This is all done to inform others and obtain their attention for them to gain knowledge about the issue. Although it’s a lot of work, it’s fun, as long as what you’re researching interests you. That’s why decision making is an important step. Overall I was pretty satisfied with my result of my awareness to polar bears being endangered species. By Karen Chavez

Polar Bear poster

Design by Karen Chavez

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