Citizen Journalism News Stories

Montgomery Community Media proudly presents the video packages created in our Citizen Journalism classes.

Fall 2012 Class

Spring 2012 Class

Video Game Display by Brian Connors
Join Brian Connors as he reports on Montgomery College’s classes in video game design. Brian interviews David Heller, who teaches introductory courses at Montgomery College’s Rockville campus.

Barranquilla’s Carnival by Edwin Bello
Barranquilla’s Carnival in DC: Enjoying the bright side of Colombia. Join Edwin Bello to learn about the recent Barranquilla Carnival in Washington, DC.

Montgomery County’s New Bag Tax by Nancy Poole
Montgomery County’s new law that places a 5-cent charge on each paper or plastic carryout bag provided by County retailers to customers at the point of sale, pickup, or delivery took effect January 1, 2012.

Career Catchers by Gerald Aldrigde
Career Catchers is a non-profit social service organization dedicated to helping people with barriers to employment succeed in a job search. Shot and edited by Gerald Aldridge.

The Truth About Nutrition by Alandra Nicole Moreira
Poor nutrition can lead to multiple medical problems, including liver failure, headaches, abdominal pains, and heart disease, diabetes and auto-immune diseases. Alandra Nicole Moreira interviews Dr. Moreira about nutrition.

RELAC by Andy Sigle
Reston Lake Anne Air Conditioning System (RELAC) is a communal water-powered air conditioning system serving about 600 residences in the Lake Anne area of Reston, Virginia.

Brookside Gardens by Xavier Rivera
Brookside Gardens is located in Montgomery County, MD and is a nature photographer’s paradise.

Do Go See… In Montgomery County by Karin Lee
Karin Lee talks to local business owner Michele Foshee about her new social painting studio, ArtventureUs!