Instant Website: A Hands-On Workshop to Build Your Website in Just One Day

Next Start Date: 07/28/2012
Length: 6 hours
Fee: $295.00
Instructor: Aaron Overton

This all-day workshop is taught by Heatherstone CEO, former Microsoft developer, and WordPress expert Aaron Overton.  Aaron will lead participants through creating a fully operational website using WordPress.  WordPress is the platform of choice because it is robust, user-friendly, and provides full content management, ideal for those who want fast, hands-on access to their website.

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1. Domain Name Selection & Registration

The session begins with selecting and registering a domain name with search engine optimization (or SEO) in mind.  Participants will learn about what makes a domain name strong, memorable, and more likely to receive traffic via major search engines.  Once a name has been selected, Aaron will then guide you through actually registering the domain.

2. Securing Hosting & Installing WordPress

Securing hosting involves choosing where your website will be stored.  Aaron will go over selecting a good host, what features are best for your website, and how you will access all of that information in the future.  He will walk you through each step of this process and direct you to his recommended hosting solution (for which you can sign up right away, if you so choose).

Once you have hosting set up, you will install WordPress as the baseline for your new website.

3. Adding Themes & Plug-Ins

Adding themes and plug-ins to your new website will play a role in customizing and fine-tuning its design and appearance.  From minimalistic and professional to decorative and personal, a range of themes are available to suit every need.  Commerce elements can be added if you’d like to incorporate a shopping cart system as a way to generate revenue.

This workshop is designed to be interactive, and participants are strongly encouraged to bring their laptops so that they can have an operational website ready by the end of the session.  Otherwise, please come prepared to take good notes!

We will meet for three hours from 10:00am to 1:00pm, break for lunch, and resume at 2:00pm until 5:00pm.

For those interested in additional training in day-to-day content management and editing once WordPress is installed and ready to go, check out our follow-up class: WordPress Essentials with Heatherstone designer and editor Elizabeth Overton.