Congressman Delaney Speaks to Small Businesses (Video)

U.S. Congressman John Delaney addressed the Small Business Networking Breakfast gathering at Montgomery Community Media on Dec. 19.

Dozens of local business owners attended the event where Delaney, a former small business owner himself, spoke about challenges in today’s economy.

“We need to create a culture around here that celebrates entrepreneurs,” Congressman Delaney said. “I think one of the things this region on the margin is lacking is the right kind of cultural orientation towards entrepreneurship and small businesses.”

Delaney also spoke about the “need of a massive transformative investment in infrastructure in the U.S,” raising the minimum wage, and the climate in Maryland for small businesses.

Kelly Leonard, who organizes these monthly events said she hopes these get togethers help to spur economic development in the area.

Delaney greets attendees

“I’m excited about what’s taking place here in Montgomery County,” Leonard said. “I just feel like as a small business owner there’s so much that we can do right here in our backyard to grow our businesses and then to take what we’ve learned and to help other individuals and that’s what I’m passionate about is just helping as many small businesses here in the community thrive.”

And Congressman Delaney says that with the number of small businesses growing, it’s important to stop and look at how to adapt.

“The data suggests that small to mid-sized businesses create the overwhelming number of jobs in this country and I think that will be particularly true in the future when you think about what’s going on in the world with technology and globalization,” he said.

“These trends are accelerating and they’re really changing our world and it’s really the small businesses working often in partnerships with larger businesses that are really kind of innovating on the front lines in creating jobs in all of these new sectors,” Delaney said.

Some small business owners in attendance said they’re looking forward to bringing the information they learned back to their employees.

“What I learned is to be encouraged because when I think about the economy sometimes and what is happening with small businesses all of the regulations that are being piled upon us I get a little uncomfortable but today I’m very encouraged,” said Angela Heath of TKC Incorporated.

“I learned that there’s a small business tax credit for women and minority owned businesses in the state of Maryland, which I was not aware of so I’ll be calling my accountant when I get home,” said Karen Alegi, owner of Alegi Anderson, LLC.

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