County’s Rescue Crew Home From Helping Hurricane Harvey Relief, Prepares for Irma (VIDEO)

“If my family was in a situation where they were on a roof of a house or they were trapped in their house and they couldn’t get through the water, I would want someone to get there quickly,” Monte Fitch, assistant task force leader for Maryland Task Force One.

Monte Fitch is the team leader for Maryland’s Task Force One which is Federal Emergency Management Agency’s urban search and rescue team based here in Montgomery County.  He has just come home from helping Hurricane Harvey victims.

“Maryland Task Force One took a total of six boats,” he said.  “We took two inflatable boats we use for swift water. We also use them as guys are in the water helping the heavy axle vehicles go in to determine to determine where the road is in case anything happens to us.”

Maryland’s task force worked with others from across the country to help people in Texas evacuate from their homes.

“Just being there for the community and the fact that they know when they go to bed at night if the water rises […] we’re able to get up and go assist them,” Fitch said.

And now that some crews are back, the next step is to get this equipment serviced as they prepare for Hurricane Irma.

Four crew members from Maryland’s Task Force One who were in Texas didn’t quite make it home and are now in route to Alabama as Hurricane Irma makes landfall.

“They almost made it back to Virginia last night and were redirected by FEMA to Alabama,” Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service Fire Chief, Scott Goldstein, said.

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