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Covering the Nighttime Economy Initiative

I have been covering the county’s initiative on boosting the nighttime economy for the past two months.

To get a feel for what the issue was about, I decided to spend a few hours in downtown Silver Spring on a Friday night with my family. It’s something I enjoy doing on a regular basis.

I have noticed a large increase of people utilizing the space on Veterans Plaza to include teens and single adults but less family oriented residents.

Finding a balance between these three groups is a part of the challenge in the county.

What are your suggestions to helping this balance happen? Share them in the comments section below.

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Tamika Smith

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Tamika Smith is passionate and curious about the world. She often wonders what motivates people to walk in their particular journeys in life. A native of Miami, Florida Smith graduated from Howard University in 2007 and continues to give back through mentorship.


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