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This week I am doing a kind of modern dorm. I don’t know about you but when I think of modern I think of crystals, elegance, colors like sliver and white. This weekend while doing a little bit of my own dorm room shopping,  I went to Michaels and Pier One looking for some cute items to make your dorm look modern and elegant. * Note: these items are a little pricy*

So here are some of the items I found at these wonderful stores…

  • To Start I went to Michaels and I saw this elegant glass candle holder that is in the shape of a flower, it is pretty and every modern and it was only about 16 dollars.



  • This Crystal chandler (that holds candles) is extremely pretty and elegant, just gives the room a romantic feel. This was about 30 dollars at Michaels.

 Candle holder


  • Next I went to Pier One where I found this really cute and hip crystal Owl that was to die for, it is modern but also gives that playful side to your room. This was only 40 dollars.


  • These White pillows scream modern but also have a playful texture to bring a little bit of glamour to the room. Each pillow was about 30 dollars each.


  • This magnify glass can help you read while also adding a cute décor to the room. This was only 20 dollars.


  • This Lamp brightens gives room with its modern feel, adds good reading light while also sticking to your theme of modern. This Lamp cost 125 dollars but it’s worth it.


  • Now this box was the cutest thing I think in the whole store, it’s a little “bejeweled” box that is modern but also great for storing small things like loose change or little memo cards. This box was only 20 dollars.


  • Now since I am a girl I know that girls have a lot of jewelry, (well I know I do) and its hard finding places to display your jewelry. This jewelry holder is great for displaying your earring or bracelets and also gives your room a feeling of elegance. This item is only 20 dollars.

 jewelry Holder

  • Since your dorm isn’t that big and you might be sharing it with someone else, you might just want to have this little mini mirror which is great space wise and also its look! This beautiful item is only 15 dollars


  • Tired of looking at your phone just to see what time it is, well then get this vintage looking clock, it’s perfect to keeping you on time to your next class while bringing a modern vintage twist to the dorm. This clock is only 20 dollars.


  • Now if you love modern but don’t want it to look too serious, try out this funky feathered lamp, its gives you that modern feel without making it seem too over powering. This Funky Lamp is only 20 dollars.

 funky lamp


For a Fun DIY try this…

It’s a cute wall mirror made out of rolled colorful paper and mini mirrors that you can find at any art store. It’s just a fun way to add your own modern twist.

 creative mirror



I hope I gave you some ideas that you will use on your modern dorm, next week I will be doing a christmas themed roomfor the holidays. Remember shop smart!

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Courtney Lee is a senior at Seneca Valley High School. Courtney is a member of the National Honor Society, Key Club and the Best Buddies program. She is interested in media and journalism and may want to pursue a career as a broadcast journalist.


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