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If you’re like me then you must love going to the movies, not only to see what you paid for but to also experience of just going to the theatre is just amazing, so I am going to show you some simple and fun ideas to turn your small dorm room into your everyone movie theatre.

When you think of the movie theatre what’s the first thing that pops into your head? All the movie posters! I love movie posters I have four around my room right now and I plan on taking them to college with me. One thing I did was get frames for my posters, just thin frames with a black border. It protects your poster while also making it seem more like a movie theatre. You can find movie posters on line like at eBay or in stores like Wal-Mart, Target and 5 below (which I think has the best deals on posters.) I got my frames from Michaels for $10 each and they came with a hook on the back which makes it easier to hang on walls.

Also when you think of movie theatres what colors do you think of? Well, when I think of movie theatres, I see the colors gold and a dark red. I feel just by adding these colors to your dorm will give it that movie theatre vibe. To bring the colors into your room I would suggest getting a dark red bed spread with gold pillow, not only does it say movies but it also gives a sophisticated look to the room, I would also get a sheer gold curtain, nothing too dark because you don’t want to make the room seem smaller.
Another thing you can do is go to your local movie theatre and ask for the cardboard cuts. (Try to find the small ones because remember your dorm room is really tiny.) The movie theatres just throw out the cut outs if no one takes them. It will cost you nothing to get a cut out of your new favorite movie.

Some fun DIYS are…

  • Save all of your movies stubs and making them into a collage using a memory board
  • Make your own movie posters starring yourself.
  • Find old film reels (probably at a yard sale or thrift store) spray paint them old and hang them on your wall.

Adding these little elements to your dorm will make it seem like you entered a movie theatre. These are just some of my ideas; you can add your own little twist to it. Remember, Shop Smart!

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Courtney Lee

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Courtney Lee is a senior at Seneca Valley High School. Courtney is a member of the National Honor Society, Key Club and the Best Buddies program. She is interested in media and journalism and may want to pursue a career as a broadcast journalist.


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