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This post is for extreme lovers of the color pink.  Viewer discretion is advised for those that do not like pink. Let’s assume that an average dorm room is approximately 10” by 15;” and, although every dorm room is not that size, let’s assume that the one that I am decorating is.  Your favorite color – of all time – is pink, and you want your dorm to express your love of the color pink.   You believe that everything that exists in the whole universe should be pink, but there is one huge bolder sitting in your way.   You have tight budget!

No problem!  There are plenty of cute and pinkalicious things that are inexpensive. Great places to shop are places like Home Goods, Pier One, Target, Wal-Mart, and PBteens (if you don’t mind your items being a little more expensive than cheap), IKEA and even your local dollar store. So, for you lovers of the color pink, I recommend….


 This Pink waste basket can make throwing out your trash fun.

You can find a similar item at IKEA for $3.99

 Pink Trash Bin

 A Pink lamp will brighten up your room with your favorite color; and, the look of it gives your dorm a more modern feel.You can Kind a similar item at IKEA for $19.99  

 Pink Lamp


This Pink Zebra print bedding gives our room a tribal feel: the tribe of pink!

It gives you that playfulness that you want, and it adds a dash of maturity.

You can find a similar item at Wal-Mart for $29.88.

 Zebra Bedding

 This Zebra accent Rug matches the bedding without clashing. It’s a way to give your floor some decoration.

You can find a similar items at Wal-Mart for $24.97 to $34.97

 Zebra Rug


 These pink zebra curtains will match your pink theme and add playfulness to the room.

You can find a similar item at Wal-Mart and it is only $9.87


 Zebra Curtians

 These pink storage bins are perfect for holding your make up, books, school supplies or just anything else.   It matches perfectly with the room.

You can find a similar items at Target, and they only cost $9.99 for two.

 Storage Bins



  1. Go to your local thrift store to find old records.   Spray paint them pink and put them on your wall, because you cannot paint your dorm walls. This style gives your walls a pop of pink in a cute polka dot way.
  2. Find old window shutters.  Paint them pink, and put them on your desk or hang them on your wall to make a unique way to hang keepsakes or cards that you love!


     3. Take some coat hooks, pain them pink and hang them on the wall.  It’s a cool way to display your necklaces or to just hang your keys so you don’t lose them.


Those ideas are just few that you can use to design your dorm the way you want it.  Remember to never loss your self-expression when you are decoration your dorm. 

Next week, I am designing a sports themed dorm!  Keep reading, and remember to shop smart!


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Courtney Lee is a senior at Seneca Valley High School. Courtney is a member of the National Honor Society, Key Club and the Best Buddies program. She is interested in media and journalism and may want to pursue a career as a broadcast journalist.


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