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New To Fashion? Then You Need Fashion Guppies

Fashion is everywhere. It is becoming an overnight sensation here in the DMV Area. Consignment shops, vintage and clothing stores are making an appearance like never before.  Fashion bloggers and blogging groups such as CAPFABB are making DC the fashion capital. What’s a girl to do?  How do we know how to navigate into this world of Fashion in DC?

DMV Fashion, News and Events presents Fashion Guppies a segment that will be dedicated to ones that are new to fashion in the DC area. It is for Fashion Guppies by Fashion Guppies. Two Fashionistas that will be on the show is Stania Roman and Redeait Meaza. We did a interview and shot location in Chevy Chase. Below is a sneak peak. You have to tune in December to see the full interview!

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I am Marsha B. Producer of upcoming show DMV Fashion News & Events. It will the hottest show in the DMV. It will feature Fashion, Designers, Music and Entertainment in the DMV. We are stepping it up a notch....... Note: 'DMV' stands for our region, 'DC-Maryland-Virginia'

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