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DV Camp: Week One

Well, its been a long week for the kids and instructors but it was an educational and exciting fun filled week for all of them. Just a quick note to introduce and send a  big thanks to the people who have been busy working with the kids all week.  The Instructor is Ellen Donnelly,and her helpers were Jamie, Diego, Tim, Molly, one was staff and the other three volunteered their time and efforts for over 35 hours the past week and will be doing it again the second week. We gave them  a little down time Friday to do what they wanted so in came the  Wii, and they got to play, dance and do other games and activities that was available, even the instructors for the class got into the dancing thing. But that only went on in the morning before lunch then back to work in the afternoon. The Field cameras, lights, microphones , were brought out for the kids to learn about and get some hands on using that equipment.  They got the ins and outs of beeing a news reporter, and did some practice in prep for next weeks sessions.   That concluded Week One, keep checking the website, click , blogs, local blogs, DV youth camp for daily updates to the DV Camp as to what the kids are doing each day.


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