Connecting Our Community #61

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Elder Abuse Awareness part 2.

With the number of individuals over the age of 65 anticipated to double by 2050, it is important to have a deeper understanding of elder abuse, neglect and exploitation.

On this episode of Connecting Our Community #61, host Pat Shoemaker is joined by

Bonnie Klem, Supervisor, APS ( Adult Protective Services),  Lt. Bob Carter,  Director of Family Crimes, MCPD and  Debbie Feinstein, Esq. Director of the Family Violence Unit, SAO

Types of Elder abuse  

Emotional – mocking, humiliating, pro-fane, threatening remarks or behavior; destroying property; harming pets

Physical – any rough handling, e.g., pinching, hitting, kicking, slapping, shaking, pushing, choking, burning,  force-feeding, inappropriate restraint

Sexual – any non-consensual sexual contact  [Note: sexual contact with someone incapable of giving consent is considered sexual abuse]

Financial – misuse of funds, assets, or legal authorizations such as guardianship or power of attorney; e.g., theft of money or possessions, forgery of checks and/or signatures, unauthorized use of credit cards, coercion to sign legal documents

To Report Abuse:

· Call 911 if the elder/vulnerable adult is in immediate danger

· Call the Montgomery County Police Family Crimes/Elder Abuse Unit 240-773-5050 if the danger is not immediate or if you suspect abuse

· Contact Montgomery County Adult Protective Services 240-777-3000 (24 hours)

· Contact the Montgomery County Long-Term Care Ombudsman 240-773-3369


World Elder Abuse Awareness Day Events

Wednesday June 12, 2013

1-5 pm

Silver Spring Civic Building

One Veterans Place




Produced by Marian Merewitz