Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett

“This is a Game Changer” (Video)

Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett and six other Maryland executives sent a letter to the state Public Service Commission regarding Pepco’s response to the June 29 storm. The elected leaders expressed their concern over the utility company’s staffing levels and disclosing outage information to emergency services. In this video clip, Leggett explains why this is “a game changer.”

Take a look at the letter in this post.

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One Response to ““This is a Game Changer” (Video)”

  1. On August 2, 2012 at 6:54 pm responded with... #

    I think that Leggett’s plan makes sense. Let the insurance ceampnios pay for ambulance services. I agree with Lynn’s comment that a fee would lessen non-emergency calls but I would have the individual pay the full cost for transport in those situations where it was a non-emergency. That would really drive home the message that ambulance service should be used in emergencies only. I am a little surprised that the county is providing free transport and has not already been billing the insurance ceampnios. I disagree with the comment that poorer individuals will have reason to pause to call 911 because of the fee. Uninsured individuals will not have to pay according to Leggett and insured individuals will have the expense charged to the insurance company. Why would they be hesitant in calling 911? The Citizen’s Advisory Board reasoning doesn’t make sense. Why would it be unfair? Why would it be ineffective? It appears that the Board is using scare tactic language (could lead to increased death rates) without any firm evidence or rationale. Why don’t they focus their time on other issues like pedestrian safety? There is a higher chance of someone dying from crossing some of these intersections in Downtown Silver Spring than from Leggett’s proposed plan. Leggett’s plan is a no-brainer.

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