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This will probably be my final blog that I write at Montgomery Community Media, but not my final blog in all.  In about a week I go away to London once again but this time to study for a semester.  I am hoping and assuming that there will be interesting stuff to write about.  As for this blog however, I am going to wrap up my experience interning at Montgomery Community Media.

I can start with when I first stepped foot in this building.  In hindsight it seems dumb that I had no idea I would get an internship here but I honestly just came to see if there were any classes or film-related opportunities to get involved in.  To my surprise, I walked out forty minutes later with an internship.  I could not have been more excited to get this internship because when my two supervisors, Mandi and Omri showed me around the building at MCM it was really cool for any aspiring filmmaker.  There were live studios, a control room, and wires everywhere.  I actually should have been afraid that I was in over my head but everyone was so kind and cheerful that it did not even occur to me to feel intimidated.

About a week or two later I came back in and from then on it has been a wonderful journey of blogging, watching in on classes, helping with camps, and so many other cool opportunities.  To this day I still have not had to get coffee for anyone!

Since there is no way I can sum up everything I did in the 100 or so hours I was here, I can point out some moments and experiences that I remember in particular.  The first amazing thing that happened even before I actually started interning here was when Omri and Mandi told me that I could watch in on classes for free.  To me that was a great opportunity because I am well aware that I am no whiz at technology and obviously in this industry that is something I am going to have to change.  This was a studio technician class where the students in the class were assigned various roles in helping put on a live television show.  I only sat in two times but from those times I could tell that this was an incredible class for any aspiring filmmaker and I was getting it for free.  I’m not going to lie, I do not have the function of every button in the control room memorized, but I got the gist of things and the feel for a possible future job.

You should probably know that my brain is not fully functional when it comes to remembering things chronologically so my memories at MCM may be out of order.  The next cool experience that I remember was “helping” film wrestling at the fair.  Not only did I learn about how to get good sound, set up cameras, and get good shots but I also learned about the eccentric  world of wrestling.  I still have not figured out if it is a theater performance or a sport but it helped me to understand when one man so eloquently put it; “it’s like a violent ballet.”  I had never seen any such ballet.  This ballet was filled with men wearing tight underwear and other interesting attire while covered in Crisco.  I also saw Mick Foley.  That means nothing to me, but he’s famous so it may mean something to someone and I think it’s worth mentioning.

Another really fun experience was helping out with the video journalism camp at the fair.  For one, it was nice to feel like I  had some knowledge to share.  Being at Montgomery Community Media with all these geniuses in production can make me feel a bit like a rookie.  So when I find people even newer at this than I am, it makes me feel like I have the wisdom of Dumbledore.  My dad always says that the best way to know if you know something is when you are able to teach it.  That’s how I know I didn’t know as much as I thought I did but it forced me to learn.  The campers were fun and had a unique perspective that was cool to watch.  It was also fun going to the fair for something other than the rides.  It turns out that the fair itself doesn’t make me sick, the rides that yank my stomach out of my eyes make me sick.

There’s so much more to write but it is so hard for me to really describe how great being an intern at Montgomery Community Media was.  I have had a few jobs in my twenty year old life and this one was by far the best.  I learned a lot of technical stuff, some of which I am sure I will need a refresher on later, but more importantly I learned what it is like to work in a place like this.  It has opened up new paths for me that do not necessarily have to lead to the horrifying world of Hollywood or the crazy one of New York City.  If you truly love what you do, it will not matter where you do it and who sees it.  That is how I feel about filmmaking and that is what Montgomery Community Media has helped me figure out a little bit better.   I can never thank the wonderful people I worked with enough for their kindness and inspiration.  This has been an incredible experience and today will not be the last time I see this place or these people!


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Hannah Canetti

About Hannah Canetti

My name is Hannah Canetti and I am going into my junior year at James Madison University in Virginia. I am majoring in the School of Media Arts and Design with a concentration in Digital Video and Cinema. I have had a love of filmmaking since I was about twelve years old and I hope to do it for the rest of my life!


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