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Unlike how most might spend a Friday morning, I decided to wake up early and drive with a friend to an abandoned old house I had come across a few years ago.  I pass this house daily on my drive home from school, and always wanted to see it up close.  Maybe I’d even find some hidden treasure, or the diary of the house’s old resident.  The house was beautiful, mysterious, and completely deserted, and made for a great adventure.

It seemed that the people who used to live there didn’t even try to pack before leaving the house.  There was clothing, toys, tools, and various appliances scattered everywhere.   The place could even make my messy bedroom look like a 5-star suite.  All of the items were covered in a thick layer of dust and debris, and nothing seemed to have been touched in dozens of years.  It was incredible to see how much this family left behind.  There were several teddy bears, a room filled with children’s clothes, tools and construction supplies, even an old hamster cage with the wheel intact.  And to top it all off, I stumbled across the CD soundtrack to my favorite childhood movie, “The Goofy Movie”.  I doubt I’ll ever know what really happened in that house, and why all of there belongings stayed while the family left.  However, this little expedition was a lot of fun and very interesting, and I’d love to find more cool places like this!



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Hannah Trusty

About Hannah Trusty

Hey! I'm Hannah, an 18 year old graduating from the Academy of the Holy Cross this spring! I'm interning at MCM for my senior project, and will be blogging all of my experiences for the next couple of weeks! I will be attending Dickinson College in the fall!


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