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Thank you for tuning in to FANTASTIC FORUM on MCM!   We’re nearing the end of our third season of production and we couldn’t have done it without you.

The first two seasons were comprised of thirteen (13) shows each.  Season three will be just a little different.  Several special episodes will stretch our season total to seventeen.

And we’d like to know what you think!  The comics genre is having a greater influence that ever on American Popular Culture.  This summer’s movie blockbusters will include a variety of films culled from the pages of comicbooks.  Two movies projected to be the biggest are, “The Avengers,” and, ” Batman: The Dark Knight Rises.”  The mega-profits generated by such Hollywood fare has renewed calls for fairness to creators and their heirs.   Prior to the early nineteen eighties these characters were created as part of a work-for-hire system that did not provide for shared ownership or even employment benefits.  We’ll be exploring these issues and more.  Look for controversial subjects along with the ususal fun you’ve come to expect from FANTASTIC FORUM.

Please share your opinions.  Write in and tell us if you think that comics artists and writers are due a share of the millions earned at the box-office by the characters they created.

And keep watching this space for more news and updates!



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