MCM’s Field Producer Projects (Video)

MCM’s Field Producers worked hard to produce their video projects empowering our community one story at a time. Take a look at this playlist.

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A Beautiful View of Amantani
Produced by Dan Cilo. Getting off the beaten path makes us appreciate the life we’ve created here at home all the more. Amantani is an island surrounded by Lake Titicaca at 12,507 ft. above sea level in the Puno region of southern Peru. The beauty of the vistas and the friendliness of the people make it a memorable place to experience something out of the ordinary. Please enjoy “A Beautiful view of Amantani.”
Producer: Dan Cilo
Technicians: Marsha Barkley, Alvaro Calabia, Kiana Motiei
Editors: Tori Adeyeye, E.J. Eiras-Saunders

Meet Monica Costas
Produced by Nisa Muhammad. Monica Costas owns Wilniq Auto Body in Kensington, MD. Wilniq is a women owned automobile repair shop. Take a look.
Producer: Nisa Muhammad
Technicians: Phil Fabrizio, Dan Samels
Editors: Daniel Cilo, Kathy Kitts, Tephoney McArthur

Nature Vs Nature: Raising a Child in an Urban Setting
Produced by Tori Ikeolu Adeyeye. One District of Columbia mother’s perspective on living and raising her son ina an urban setting.
Producer: Tori Ikeolu Adeyeye
Technicians: Austin Esfandiary, Colin Nygren-Cassels
Editor: Phil Fabrizio
Talent: Rizki Bratadiredja, Adrian Wagner

1 Vote
Produced by Daniel Garcia. Every election year gives an opportunity to the next generation of first time voters to let their voice be heard. Here are the views and opinions of one of those young minds for your entertainment. Enjoy.
Producer: Daniel Garcia
Technicians: Dan Cilo, Roumen Lefterove
Editors: H. Austin Esfandiary, Lyne Williams, Sasi Durairaj

Through the Grapevine: Embracing Wine with Jamie Imhof
Produced byJason Fox  “Through the Grapevine” is a short film featuring Jamie Imhof, a budding wine sommelier wherein she argues that everyone can gain from learning a bit about wine. She also guides viewers through the basics of tasting and getting started in the world of wine.
Technicians: Jason Fox
Editors: Jason Fox, Joshua Rodriquez

 Seniors and Computers
Produced by Will Risso Senior citizens and how computers are helping them communicate effectively with their loved ones in the distance, shop online and a variety of other ways they are using technology to their benefit.
Technicians: Max Dasilva, Marcie Povitsky
Editors: Michael Vaia

Mercy Health Clinic
The Clinic of Mercy to whom is in need

 Produced by Marcio MoriaThe Mercy Health Clinic helps Montgomery County uninsured residents to get the help that they need.
Technicians: Timothy Howard
Editors: Aungthu Schlenker

 Jonathan Grant: A Mentor For Our Youth
Produced by Timothy Howard.  Jonathan Grant, a longtime Montgomery County Resident talks about his life, education and his passion to teach our youth. Jonathan also discusses the importance of teaching athletes to be a student first and respect others most of all, their parents.
Technicians: Will Risso
Editors: Eric Eggleton

Life Well Lived
Produced by Ayman Alsaid.  Life Well Lived is about David Carrier who works as chief economist and he spends too much time in his job who need all of his attention, but he also tries to balance out his life by having some time for him self. So he uses his time to ride his bike to his job instead of using the car, and sometimes during the summer and winter he goes rock climbing, paddling, and ice climbing ,and how all these activities influences his job.
Technicians: Aungthu Schlenker, Michelle Taylor
Editors: Suneeta Misra

Playhouse 90 Presents: Choices
Produced byPhil Fabrizio. It is a story about a young actress who grew up near the Rose Bowl in California.  After early success and disappointment in Los Angeles she starts a new life and family eventually moving to the Washington Metro Area and revitalizes her acting career by snagging various roles in period and political films, such as Lincoln and VEEP. The interview takes place with Lisa Levenbach, a 40 something mother of 3 who lives in Gaithersburg MD.  Early on she sets aside her ambitions for an acting career and dedicates it to raise a family.  Now some 20 years later she faced a tough choice to follow the success of her son’s high school football life in a State Championship game in Baltimore MD or go to Richmond VA for the filming of Lincoln in which she has a background role.  This time she chooses to follow her acting career and ends up in a scene being directed by Steve Speilberg and is seen acting with Sally Fields, Tommy Lee Jones and Daniel Day Louis. PG-13 (no violence or foul language).
Technicians: Suneeta Misra, Joshua Rodriquez
Editors: Mario Dasilva

Artist Anu Das: A Dream for Change
 Produced by Suneeta Misra.   Anu Das is an Artist who lives in Montgomery County and uses different materials to create artwork that focuses on social issues related to women and children. Some of these issues are female foeticide, or the practice of aborting a female fetus practiced widely in India, gender inequality, and violence against women. She also contributes much of the profits from the sale of her artwork towards the upkeep of Shanta Memorial Rehabilitation Center, a non governmental self help center dedicated to helping disadvantaged women in the Indian State of Orissa. In short, she is a woman with a mission who wants to make a difference by using her artwork to promote change the world over.
Technicians: Alexandra Bryant, Debbie Halevy
Editors: Marcie Povitsky

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