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Going Batty

Troop fun!

Troop fun!

On March 12, my Girl Scout Troop went on a trip to the Lincoln Caverns in Pennsylvania. The first day, we went on a tour called “Going Batty”. On that trip, we learned all about bats. Did you know that bats only have one child a year? Also, bats are very helpful to people. Do you know how you hate when bugs bother you? Well, bats eat them. In addition, lots of bats are dying because of a foreign disease called White Nose. Since the bats are dying, more bugs are able to disturb us.

If you see a bat in your home, don’t panic. Just wait for it to land, put a bowl over it, and slide something under it to carry it outside and let it go. Another thing you probably think is that all bats drink blood. But that’s not true, only vampire bats do!

When I went to the caves, there weren’t many bats. Did you know it takes 100 years for just one cubic inch of a big rock in the cave to grow? Caves take a long time to form. Can you guess how many years the cave we were in took to grow? It took 37 million years for some of the cave. A little bit of the cave is only 11 million years old and 580 feet deep, but they haven’t discovered it yet. The rocks form in many different types of ways such as popcorn, bacon, grapes, beads, flowers, and cave coral. Caves are formed by the water that once upon a time filled up the area known as the cave. Another cool fact about the cave is that some of the cave glows.

In conclusion, I had a great adventure and I would love to go back. We made really cool houses for the bats, and we got to make the Girl Scout classic s’mores! It was an awesome trip.

Contributor: Nailah

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