H Austin Esfandiary


Please tell us a little about yourself.

I owned and operated Exhibits Inc. for well over 3 decades in Rockville prior to joining Mymcmedia. I am married and have 3 sons. The reason I joined MCM is to return to my ultimate passion which is broadcasting. I had produced shows on WKCR FM New York City, was an intern at Seven on Your Side with Paul Berry at WJLA – TV and was the Washington DC producer of the Nightly News for Tribune Broadcasting.

How long have you been associated with MCM and what have you been doing?

I have been associated with MCM since 2010 am a certified producer, technician and editor. I am developing a Newsmagazine show: “ETHOS” and a 30 minute Feature Production “Secrets of Freemasons”. I have volunteered with Travel Television and with a Church production.

Please describe all the skills and abilities that you would bring to the Board of Directors.

I am a successful entrepreneur with a desire for new networking opportunities at MCM and knowing that good productions requires many talents, I would like to bring members together to see the value of community in all the many facets including helping one another to create more compelling videos wherever so desired.

Please describe your vision for MCM.

Video is becoming as key in our lives as blogging is today.

Video is in the process of becoming an important and integral part of websites, blogging, social media, businesses, organizations, communities, and who knows what else.

This means we should expect to see more members joining MCM with more experience and creativity.

It is with the sense of Community, sharing resources, ideas, experiences, and collaborating that can make MCM a center for the Video Revolution in Montgomery County.

To do this properly, we have to give our stakeholders, inspiration, connections, resources, tools, techniques, and opportunities for creating cutting edge videos and continuing MCM’s leadership in what Public Access is all about.

How will you advocate on behalf of access users while on the Board?

Access Users beyond the heart and soul, are the primary reason why Public Access and MCM exists. By offering greater opportunities to all we are sure to attract more members, and more diversified members with different skills and opportunities that they bring to the table.

The best way to advocate for our members is to constructively leverage and build on MCM’s premier leadership position in Public Access to make Public Access even more valuable and meaningful than it is today.

Anything additional you would like to tell your fellow access users about your candidacy.

I am successful entrepreneur, who is active in my church and with charitable endeavors. I feel that Public Access is ideal for bringing all those elements (business, civic, charitable, and religious) together.

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