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Homemade Detox and Body Purifier

photo of Cucumber,lemon,mint,ginger and lemon grass.

Cucumber, lemon, mint, ginger and lemon grass.

Feeling tired? Lack of energy? What if our body is giving us some tell tale signs about some action that we may need to take? Just four simple ingredients, yet complex in their nutritional value is what many consider as a super drink. This home made detox and body purifier could be a great starting point for rejuvenating the whole body.

What you’ll need:

1 Cucumber
1 Lemon or Lime
10-13 Mint leaves
About 3 inches of Ginger
Lemon grass (not necessary, but won’t hurt)
Pitcher of water


Cut the cucumber not too thick, but not too thin. It’s up to you if you wish to shave off the skin. Personally, I shave off the peel hoping to release more citrulline, which helps eliminate ammonia (highly toxic substance) from the liver. The lemon can be cut the same way as the cucumber, but keeping the peel on the lemon turns out to be more beneficial. Both the lemon and mint help with digestion, and also relaxes the stomach muscles. As for the ginger, it’s better to shave off the skin as best as you can. The ginger helps with inflammation in the stomach line. The lemon grass provides an extra coat of anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-cancer properties.

Allow all of these ingredients to infuse in a pitcher of water over night. Wake up, take a sip and Enjoy!

After the second day it’s usually preferred to make a fresh batch. At that point you have already consumed more than half of the nutrients from each ingredient. Not to mention the mint leaves will start to lose their color. Over-all, it’s a refreshing, healthy and easy to make super drink.

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