Hometown Voice Erin Willett

The Voice this year found many Montgomery County residents supporting local singer/songwriter, Erin Willett. MyMCMedia enjoyed talking with Erin’s mother, Mary Willet, and brother, James Willett. We also caught up with Erin at the Gaithersburg Book Festival. Enjoy this collection of our video coverage.

While a Contestant

Erin Willet: Contestant on The Voice

Interview with Mary and James Willett

Mary Willett, “Cast Votes for Erin!”

City Leaders Voice Support for Erin

At the Gaithersburg Book Festival

Erin Willett at the Gaithersburg Book Festival

MyMCMedia was on hand talking with The Voice contestant, Erin Willett. We also have video of Erin’s performance in the Coffee House.

Erin Willett On Coming Home

Erin Willett Plans Move to West Coast

Erin Willett Sings With Young Attendee

Erin Willet Performs “Someone Somewhere”

“Don’t Be Scared”

Erin Willet’s First Performance at Home

Erin Willett Performs “Daily City Hustle”

Erin Willett Performs “Your Love”

Erin Willett & Gaithersburg High

“It’s Really Wonderful to be Back Here…”

Erin Willet Performs Medley

Best of Luck

Congratulations to Erin Willett!