I Am A Candidate

Please answer the following questions. Your answers will be shared with the electorate prior to and during the election. You may return and revise your responses until 5 PM, April 30, 2017 Please limit each response to no more than 2,500 characters.
  • Please tell us a little about yourself. For example: I was born in Montgomery County and have lived here all my life. I work for the federal government. I have three children that all go to school here. My hobby is travel.
  • For example: I have been associated with MCM for 4 years. I am a certified technician and producer and I currently produce a weekly series called “Its Great to live in Montgomery County!"
  • Include your professional qualifications, any education or training you may have, community involvement you are part of, and any professional organizations you are a member of. For example: By profession I am an auditor and I believe my skills in that respect would be a great asset to the Board. I have a great ability to network with people and organizations and that will allow me to influence them to support MCM.
  • For example: I believe Access Users are important to the future of MCM. Without Access Users much of the content that MCM uses would not be available…