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Lindsay Cayne

Interviewing, Shooting, Editing with Lindsay Cayne

My name is Lindsay Cayne, and I’m an intern here at Montgomery Community Media! My first day was on June 11, and I will be working here, for six weeks, until the beginning of August. I intern under Mandi Wyndham, the Training and Volunteer Services Coordinator. It has only been a little over a week, yet Mandi has already taught me how to use the Bloggie, interview others, and edit. I even had the chance to compose, film, and edit my own video! Over the course of these six weeks, I will go on to create three or possibly four more stories. I also had the opportunity to watch in the control room a live tape of Montgomery Week In Review while sitting between the show’s Producer, Carla Satinsky, and her Associate Producer, Linna Barnes.

As part of my internship, I have the task of reporting on this year’s Backpack Journalism Academy. Monday and Tuesday of this week I sat in on a 3 hour class with six other students. Although I listened to the tips Mandi gave to the other students on how to use the Bloggie and interview, my main job was to film and take pictures of the students while in class. Afterwards, I downloaded my footage onto the computer and composed and edited my material into a 30 second segment covering the class. It was a really great experience to be able to act as a reporter while filming the class and then to see my work, under my own doing, materialize into an organized news segment! Plus, I made many new friends 🙂 Personally, the other students partaking in the Backpack Journalism class are optimistic and full of energy. I enjoyed working with them and catching their excitement and energy on camera.

In less than two weeks, Backpack Journalism students not only learn tips on filming and interviewing but also compose, film, and edit their own stories! The Backpack Journalism class is truly a unique opportunity for high school students to get hands-on training in both filming and editing.

Here’s some video from the first day of Backpack Journalism

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About Lindsay Cayne

Lindsay Cayne is the summer intern for Training and Volunteer Services. She is a senior at Holton-Arms School in Bethesda, Maryland. She aspires to be a journalist and is working with our summer Backpack Journalism Academy.


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