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Is Your Home Ready To Sell…Starting with the OUTSIDE?

How does the adage go? You can’t judge a book by its cover? Well, it doesn’t apply to real of Jill Balow

Buyers are always judging potential homes by their outside. As I was driving through my neighborhood yesterday looking at the different houses on the market, I found myself saying,” that house isn’t ready to show potential buyers just by looking at the outside.”

I haven’t even previewed them on the inside to know that they are NOT ready for potential buyers. The driveways look as though they haven’t been shoveled the entire winter, as well as the walkway to enter the homes. How can one tour these homes if you can’t get inside without breaking your neck first? As an agent, make sure your clients SHOVEL! Or better yet,  grab a shovel yourself if you have to!

As far as some other tips to focus on the outside are:

  1.  Trim the shrubs~the more natural light that you allow in your home, the happier potential buyers will be!
  2. Clean those windows! You would be surprised as to how beautiful newly, washed windows look.  Sometimes like brand new!
  3.  Mulch!  Although the smell is not always great, fresh mulch spruces up a lawn in a big way!
  4. You don’t have to have a green thumb to put some brightly-colored potted plants on your front steps.  It’s amazing the difference some color can make!
  5. Mow your lawn, reseed or add fresh sod if needed!
  6. Hang easy-to-read numbers.  You’d be surprised how difficult it is to read house numbers when you’re driving by.
  7. Power wash your siding and walkways.  Make sure you do your front porch (and stain) as well if you have one.
  8. Repaint if needed, even if it’s just your shutters.  It really does make a big difference!
  9. Light up your home!  Many potential buyers drive around at night looking at houses.  An illuminated home can make a huge difference!
  10. Lastly, invest in a CLEAN, inviting “Welcome” mat at your front door.  It will be the last step they take before entering your beautiful home!



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