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Let the Editing Begin!

The words of the popular Bangles’ song, “Manic Monday” popped in my head as I was driving to MCM this morning. Was this going to be the mood of my day? I hope not! And, thankfully it wasn’t.  Today was the day that our reporters learned how to edit on Final Cut Pro.  I know the excitement was killing them all weekend!  For the most part, they came back prepared with completed assignments. A few of my reporters today needed to get one last interview or voice over, so tomorrow morning, everything will be completed.  They had a lesson on Final Cut Pro Basics, followed by some practice time. Tomorrow, they will be working on their own projects. I can’t wait to see how their stories turn out!  This is getting down to the end of our 6 week journey in Backpack Journalism. For all of you adults out there who want to learn more about this or do it yourself, our Citizen Journalism Class begins on September 11th at 7pm.


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Mandi Wyndham

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Mandi Wyndham is the Training & Volunteer Services Coordinator at MCM and instructor of the Summer Backpack Journalism Academy and Citizen Journalism.

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