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Logic’s “The Incredible True Story” a Cinematic Experience (VIDEO & PHOTO)


PHOTO|Logic’s Facebook

After listening to Logic’s sophomore album “The Incredible True Story,” it’s clear that the rapper, who’s roots started in Montgomery County, has grown a lot on this record.

While Logic’s debut album “Under Pressure” was an autobiographical narrative, focusing on his rough upbringing; “The Incredible True Story” takes a more theatrical and polished shift.  The album is crafted as a sci-fi cinematic experience, where the listener is taken on a space voyage in the future with two space travelers who are searching for a planet, “Paradise.”

Skits in between tracks guide the listener through the journey with space travelers Quentin Thomas and William Kai as they listen to Logic’s “oldies” infused music. I know, it sounds a little out there, but it works.

The first track “Contact,” sets the tone for the album. Pounding drums mixed with classical strings, you definitely feel like you’re being sucked into a experience. Lyrically, Logic still sticks to the backbone of what’s projected him into the mainstream. Logic acknowledges different struggles in this album including; creating a new album including dealing with success and looking back at where he came from.

Instrumentally the vibe is very reminiscent of 90’s hip-hop with touches of jazz. Production wise, this album shows Logic clearly growing into his own music style. Tracks like “Fade Away” and “Upgrade” ease the listener into the album, smooth and catchy. But it’s not until “Like Woah” and “Young Jesus” where Logic switches gears and hits full force. Strong beats are mixed seamlessly with smooth jazz instrumentals and Logic’s fast-paced flow. You can’t help but vibe and sing-a-long.

And while the 18-track album does indeed guide you through an out of this world journey with Quentin and Kai; by the end it’s clear that you’ve been cheering for Logic the entire time. The last track “The Incredible True Story,” brings everything together:

“I do what I love
Came from below when there was no one above
Created a world no one has been to
Everything that I’m into
Everything that I’ve been through”

“The Incredible True Story” is now available on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play.

To find out more about Logic’s inspiration behind his latest album, checkout this interview with PlayStation.

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Maureen Chowdhury

About Maureen Chowdhury

Maureen Chowdhury is a multimedia journalist with Montgomery Community Media. She can be reached at and on Twitter at @MediaMaureen. Maureen authors the blog Sound Check on MyMCMedia.


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