Monica Costa


Please tell us a little about yourself.

I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but am an American citizen and I have been living here longer than I did in Brazil. I love Montgomery County! I am married and we have 2 children, who are attending school right here in the County.

I am a Montgomery County Small Business Owner and some of my passions are traveling and film making.

How long have you been associated with MCM and what have you been doing?

have been taking classes with MCM for over a year now. I have certifications in Field Production, Camera, Editing, Studio Technics and Citizen Journalism. I am currently taking the Studio Director class. I plan to produce and direct a show with MCM in the near future.

Please describe all the skills and abilities that you would bring to the Board of Directors.

I am a business owner and as such, networking is a must. I am a “natural networker”. I am not shy and I do enjoy interacting with different people and getting my point across. I also am a good listener and I like to support others as well. I believe life can be very meaningful when we give others a voice, when we empowers others to go beyond what they thought possible! When we rise above poor expectations and make our County a better place. I am ready like the slogan: “Think globally… act locally!” I believe it embodies my philosophy of life!

Please describe your vision for MCM.

I simply L-O-V-E MCM! It has changed my daughter’s perspective in life. She has flourished so much since she started taking classes here. My vision for MCM, is that more young people will find better meaning for their lives through the work they will learn and produce here with us. That we call out residents to come and be part of this life changing opportunity.

How will you advocate on behalf of access users while on the Board?

I already do! Wherever I go, I take flyers and I am very active in sharing the benefits of taking classes, donating and participating in the organization. I truly love MCM philosophy and it’s team! I would like to help get better sound equipments for the studios and truly support the great professionals that teaching and doing great things with limited technology and funds!

Anything additional you would like to tell your fellow access users about your candidacy.

I hope to serve this beautiful community of ours and help take our dear MCM to the next level! Thank you for considering me!

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