Monty Awards (Photos)

The BlackRock Center for the Arts served as the backdrop for the 2012 Monty awards on Nov. 18.

A “Night in the Spotlight” was the theme for the 2012 volunteer recognition event and awards ceremony hosted by Don Mooers.

“As we look back on the year, it’s been one of great progress and success; the relaunch of the new website, additional high definition capability, and the winning of MCM’s first ever award from the Alliance for Community Media as the best Public, Education and Government organization in the country,” wrote Merlyn Reineke, MCM’s executive director, in the event’s program. “None of these achievements would have been possible without the efforts of volunteers, producers, technicians, bloggers and many others who serve alongside MCM dedicated staff.”

Awards were presented in a variety of categories, including arts and humanities, backpack and citizen journalism, class project, community, educational, ethnic, health and science, host, inspirational, music production, presenter, promos and PSAs, public affairs, sports, viewer’s choice and youth. Here’s a list of the winners and below some photos of the evening.

Bill Randolph Award:               Marian Merewitz
Special Recognition Award:   Pamela Wilkins
Bruce Adams Award:                Greg Wims


Brooke Richman                                               Amazing Kidz
Ginny Gong (Professional)                               Ginny’s… Where East Meets West

Linda Wang & Laryssa Mishchenko                  Global Gourmet Adventures with Linda & Laryssa
Yen-Ju Chen (Professional)                               The Info Zone

Lakshani Hewawasam                                       Tommy Taylor Show

Greg Wims                                                          Montgomery Matters
Pamela Wilkins (Professional)                            Studio 501c3

Class Project:
Sheila Martel                                                        Dreams and Dollars

Music Production:
Haig Ellian                                                            Focus With Haig Ellian

Steve Friedman                                         

Mike Richaman                                                   Burgundy And Gold Magazine
Bryan Lyles (Professional)                                  Fantasy Sports News and World Report

Backpack/Citizen Journalism:
Andy Sigle                                                           RELAC

Arts & Humanities:
Ulysses Campbell                                              Fantastic Forum
Bryan Lyles                                                        The Donna Show

Viewer’s Choice:
Nathan Krause (Field)                                       Ancient Words Speak Today
Yen-Ju Chen (Studio)                                        The Info Zone

Public Affairs:
Haig Ellian                                                         Focus with Haig Ellian

Robert Snip                                                       Messiah Sing Along

Mike Richman                                                   Amazing Kidz

Promos/PSAs :
Tom Hoopengardner

Most Producer Hours:   Sussan Yekta   (Field Producer)
Frank Nelson   (Studio Producer)

Technicians 40+ Shows
Dick Terril                                                       Bob Mattia
Marian Merewitz                                             David Mitchell
Dee Willett                                                      Susan Stevenson
Jerry Simon                                                    Sussan Yekta
Bryan Lyles                                                     Donna Merrifield
Yen-Ming Chen                                               Ally Potter
Larry Merewitz                                                Pamela Wilkins

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