“A Musical Experience” (Photos & Video)

Some University of Maryland students and their professor helped lead an introduction to music composition for a third grade class at Stedwick Elementary in Montgomery Village on Sept. 24.

The students and their professor were invited by third grade teacher Mary Ruth McGinn, who was looking for some outside help in teaching her students about composing and making music. The students have formed an opera company as a vehicle for their third grade curriculum and this is their first lesson in music composition. But, again, this is not an arts program.

“I am really trying to show the power of the process of creation while integrating curriculum and all these amazing life skills,” said McGinn. ” The authentic purpose for academic, social and emotional learning.”

The student teachers said they had a blast.

You can watch their lesson in music composition (and teamwork) here:

More photos of this assignment:


View Mary Ruth McGinn’s “Learning For Real” blog.

You Deserve a Medal (VIDEO)

Learning for real

How do we show appreciation for all that our building service workers do for us? For starters, we become aware of our surroundings. Then, and only then, we see our part in contributing to the overall “dirtiness” of our school. As we observe carefully, we become witness to the extraordinary tasks and duties that building […]

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If I Had Done My Part (VIDEO)

-4 The Challenge . . . Doing My Part YouTube2

Though lining up in birthday order may seem like a fairly straightforward assignment, with twenty-six third graders and no adult intervention, it becomes quite the challenge. A host of emotions surface as company members attempt to collaborate to achieve their common goal. With limited time, minimal direction and students tuning in and out of the […]

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Inspired by Aida (VIDEO)

Inspired by Aida YouTube (1)

There’s no better way to start the year than to be inspired by our professional counterparts from The Washington National Opera at The Kennedy Center. From lighting, to set design and construction, to costume and makeup, singing and dancing, conducting the orchestra and being in the grand venue of the opera house, we were on […]

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Ready to Learn New Things About Life


We begin the academic year with renewed energy and determination to discover our hidden gifts and talents and to use them in pursuit of something bigger than ourselves. On the final day of school in June, I met my incoming class. As always, I asked the students to write what they were thinking and feeling […]

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The Maze (VIDEO)

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On a beautiful, sunny morning while on a retreat in Buckeystown, Maryland, I happened upon a magnificent labyrinth. Its circular stone path called to me. I had no choice but to enter. As I took my first step into the maze, I thought about my students and their challenging journey this school year. I decided […]

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The Art of Collaboration (VIDEO)

What does Collaboration look like YouTube

Merriam Webster defines collaboration as “the action of working with someone to produce or create something.” When stated as such, the act itself sounds relatively simple to achieve, yet most of us struggle in situations where we are expected to work together to accomplish a common goal. We see this everywhere . . . in […]

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Kennedy Center Performance Canceled for Stedwick Kids Opera Company

Stedwick on Stage - Photo 2

The opera third grade students at Stedwick Elementary have worked on all school year will not be performed at the Kennedy Center after all. The Discover the Music Inside Kids Opera Company was scheduled to perform “Falling from Judgment” on May 24.  The opera company plans to put on a puppet show to share their work. […]

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Stedwick Third Graders Make Music with International Students in Gaithersburg (VIDEO)

Stedwick Third Graders Make Opera Music with International Students YouTube

Writing and composing an original opera keeps third graders at Stedwick Elementary on a year long mission of learning. This week the students in Mary Ruth McGinn’s class in Montgomery Village worked on polishing their opera’s theme song. Students visiting from the International School of the Hague (ISH) helped arrange the music. MyMCMedia’s Phyllis Armstrong […]

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Stedwick Third Graders & International Students Perform Opera Theme Song (VIDEO)

Stedwick and ISH perform feature

Third graders at Stedwick Elementary School in Montgomery Village are preparing for the performance of their lives. The 25 third graders in Mary Ruth McGinn’s class are creating an original opera, “Falling from Judgment.” Students visiting the U.S. from the International School of the Hague (ISH) helped fine tune the theme song for the opera. […]

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On the Rink (VIDEO)

Iyannah and Pam featured.fw

Though almost half of the class had never roller skated before, the company decided that the best setting for our opera story would be a skating rink. So, last week we went on a field trip to Wheels Skating Center in Odenton, Maryland. Owner and professional skater, Pam Muegge, welcomed us and opened her rink […]

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Mary Ruth McGinn

About Mary Ruth McGinn

As a teacher with 29 years of experience, Mary Ruth McGinn has always sought innovative ways to meet the needs of each of her students. She has spent her entire career in schools where a majority of students speak English as a second language and where poverty significantly impacts the learning experiences and opportunities of students and their families.

Sixteen years ago she had an experience that changed her life and altered her professional path in a profound way. She attended training sessions at The Metropolitan Opera Guild in New York City, spent nine intense days living the process of creating an original opera and learned how to replicate the experience with her students. She then began creating opera with her students and using the process of creating the opera as a vehicle through which to teach curriculum and life skills. The authentic purpose for learning coupled with the arts provided the perfect stage on which to construct a love for life-long learning.

She currently teaches at Stedwick Elementary School in Montgomery Village, Maryland where she is creating another original opera with her third grade students.

Read more of Mary Ruth’s blog Learning for Real.


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