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When I first started at MCM it was like walking onto a playground. Between the editing suites, the in-house set, and the equipment room, I had access to everything I ever wanted. So what would I do first?

“You can do everything,” Tony told me.

Well that works. Within two weeks I had already gone on a shoot, edited two programs, and coordinated interviews with county officials. I held the reigns and made it the internship I wanted it to be, working with the production staff to have a real input in their projects.

Then I was writing commercials. I’d written short films and stories, but this was a completely different experience. I had to be persuasive and informative, and somehow squeeze it into a 30 second plug. I still can’t believe I got to write the Agricultural Fair Promo which played on TV – my own writing beat me to it!

For the last few days I’ve been learning how to use different applications to draw, animate, and enhance video clips, and I’m amazed at how much my mentors taught me in such a short time. My first project was to draw a human being and make it walk, but that quickly turned into a spider monster that waddled on elephant legs. It was completely on purpose. Next thing I know, Jotunia is shooting laser beams and getting sucked into black holes and I’m still thinking of more things to add. It’s like magic, except better because I get all the powers. And the aliens.

Walking away from this internship, I can say I’ve done everything I set out to accomplish. I’ve learned about every aspect of the production process in a hands-on manner, and am grateful I got to work with such talented, dedicated people. I will carry on the legacy by watching Bones at lunch and will definitely stay in touch!

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Ari Halevy

About Ari Halevy

My name is Ari Halevy and I’m excited to be with MCM this summer! This fall I will be a junior at Carnegie Mellon University, studying Film and Business with a focus on production. I’m dedicated to bringing quality entertainment to the community, whether it be through movies, television, or music.


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