Session 2 - Day 1

New Session,Camp Gan Izzy & The Gnome

I am happy to report that we had two of our reporters braved the aftermath of the storm for today’s Backpack Journalism Academy! What a crazy weekend, no power, horrible cell phone reception and I think MCM’s Gnome is a back. (More on that later)

We had a great class today. Our new reporters seem ready to take on their story ideas and run with them. The ideas they brought to the table today during our brainstorming session were excellent. I get so pumped seeing their energy and enthusiasm. I think our viewers will be very pleased and informed again this round. I am so excited to see how they do on their stories and fit them in with the others in the new season of “Backpack Beat”. If you haven’t seen the show from last season, make sure you check it out using our “Video on Demand Feature”.

After class ended today, we, as in Lindsay, Larry and I went to visit Camp Gan Izzy in North Potomac with our Bloggies in tow. What a great bunch of kids. We had so much fun showing the boys how to use the Bloggies. They got to record themselves and their friends with the camera. We go back in two weeks to do the same thing with the girls. I can’t wait. The boys had so much great energy, I am sure that the girls will too!  It was just a Backpack Journalism/Bloggie kind of day around MCM!

Oh, before I end today’s entry, we have another missing muffin and chips. The gnome has returned. Lindsay and I seem to think he was hungry since the power was non-existent this weekend.  I guess this mystery will continue. Let’s see what we can find out this week.

Mandi Wyndham

About Mandi Wyndham

Mandi Wyndham is the Training & Volunteer Services Coordinator at MCM and instructor of the Summer Backpack Journalism Academy and Citizen Journalism.


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