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Behind the Scenes: Not Your Mama’s Snow White! (Video)

This week Behind the Scenes is backstage with the Puppet Co.’s new production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.
Let’s take a sneak peek and see what’s going on.

For nearly thirty years, the Puppet Co. has delighted audiences at its Glen Echo Park playhouse with imaginative performances of classic stories. The new production of Snow White is typical of Puppet Co.’s creative output: take a classic tale and give it some zing.

So, yes. This ain’t yo mama’s Snow White!

Backstage at Puppet Co., I got to watch Molly MacKenzie bring her character, The Rose Queen (AKA the wicked stepmother), to life. Costume Designer, MayField Piper, manages this with just a cape, a crown and some awesome red velvet gloves. It helps that Molly can produce a seriously evil voice when she chants that age-old phrase “mirror, mirror, on the wall.” Watch the video and see Molly transform from nice-girl-next-door to evil queen.

In this production, Molly plays both the Rose Queen and Snow White. Mason O’Malley plays the Prince and that’s it for live actors. All the other roles are held by puppets lovingly made by master puppeteer Chris Piper, costumed by Mayfield, and animated by Chris or co-founder Allan Stevens.

All of Snow White’s little friends—the dwarves—are puppets and each has a special talent that kids will be able to identify. For instance, one dwarf is exceptional strong—he’s the one holding the big stone—and another has a keen sense of smell. You’ve got it! He has the big nose. The dwarves use these special talents to protect Snow White. Being small themselves, children may identify with the dwarves and that’s just fine, because in this production small is mighty.

Founder, Chris Piper, says that the lesson in Snow White is that “even if you don’t seem special, you can make a difference.” In this story, the dwarf with the least obvious specialness saves the day for Snow White and her prince.

Don’t miss Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, now through September 2 at the Puppet Co. in Glen Echo Park. Click here for dates, times and tickets.

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