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Outer Space, Fruit and tablets, Oh my

This is just something to think about , only a few pictures this time.

Times sure have changed over the years. Let’s take a look back in time for a moment and see what I mean.  There have been a lot of changes for those who have past 40, uh 50, well maybe 60 and so on and so forth. What’s interesting about that is so much is really the same; just our place in this world has changed. For example growing  up in the **’s and going to school, sometimes not catching on to quick to what the teacher was teaching no matter how many times it was gone over and having to go home and have your parents roll their eyes at you and get frustrated that you don’t get it. Now that hasn’t changed, you got older and yes, for a while we were smarter than a 5th grader but now let’s see where we are. We have decades of working and life experiences, and it would seem like we still should be,  but technology took over. I can tell you in some ways my 5th grade granddaughter now rolls her eyes at me and can’t believe I don’t know some things.

Even with all the new technology, there are  some of us who grew up with adding machines and could actually count back change without the help of a cash register telling us how much to give. So many advancements have taken place and in the workplace it’s hard to keep up with it all especially if we didn’t grow up with it. Try to ask a younger person for help, here it comes, the look, roll of the eyes and frustration by those who  who find all of this easy and don’t understand why it just doesn’t sink in no matter how many times its gone over. It brings us back to when we were children getting the same looks from parents. It’s like Yogi Berra said ( gotcha youngsters), it’s deja vous all over again.

What is the recourse for us the “older generation” in the technology world. Well, when talking to a group that has a few of us, we can refer to things the younger people have no clue what it all means. So we do get to laugh once in a while, as they pull out there computers the size of a pack of cigarettes to look up something, like 3 on the tree, or 4 on the floor, baby moons to name a few things from the distant past. So what does this all have to do with Outer space, Fruit and tablets you ask. Now I will tell you, decades ago  Outer space was a place with . planets, stars and galaxies, Now a Galaxy is a phone , Fruit, now a Blackberry is a phone and tablets used to go plop plop fizz fizz, now tablets can do more than make weird noises.

So if all these new things with the phones that are ,now video cameras, still cameras, Apps, and the days of editing was really cutting and pasting (taping) are making you crazy .We have the solution for you, February 26 MCM has a class for you, its call Smart Video Workshop, You will learn how to use your smart phone and its Apps to  shoot video and edit right on your phone and much more about what your phone has for you to play with, all in a short two session class. Call 301-424-1730 ext 351 right away to sign up for this class , space is limited and the time is running short. Don’t you want to be as smart as a 5th grader again?






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Larry Merewitz

About Larry Merewitz

Larry Merewitz is a long-time Montgomery County resident and worked for Montgomery Community Media for nearly 20 years as the Traning and Volunteer Services Manager. Larry writes a blog on MyMCMedia, find it here.


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