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Thinking of Switching Careers? Consider Being a Financial Planner


The ideal job has three secret ingredients: purpose, mastery, and autonomy. You have all three in a financial planning career. Six years ago, my favorite pastime was to read personal finance magazines. I would learn a lot, and could immediately apply it to my personal life. “Follow these three steps to boost your credit score,” […]

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Three Simple Steps to Revolutionize Your Budget


Do you want a vacation in the Caribbean next year? Save for a new couch? Watch concerts at Strathmore regularly? Having an effective budget can help us reach specific life goals. Contrary to public opinion, budgeting helps us achieve financial freedom. Less than half of Americans have a budget, and only a fraction of them […]

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Is Your Money Aligned With Your Values?

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Do you prefer organic food? Do you recycle? Do you believe in fair labor standards? Great! But what if I told you that your 401k and IRA investments are running contrary to the values that are important to you? The largest stock mutual funds in America include companies that sell guns and tobacco, operate private […]

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Will Being Rich Make us Happier?


Is having lots of money the key to financial security and happiness? Many of us seem to think so. More than 140 million Americans buy lottery tickets each year. By winning that $100 million jackpot, we can finally buy our dream house, quit our job, and travel the world! We feel we would no longer […]

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