Larry Merewitz

Larry Merewitz MCM’s Training and Volunteer Services Mgr. will keep us updated on events going on in the Olney, Brookeville area. There are always new shows at the Theatre, restaurants opening and other events like National Night Out  in Olney and of course the farmers market.  I am expanding my area to  highlight different places I visit, events  I go to  and things I experience through photos and stories that may not be in the Olney Brookeville area.

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Learn Adobe Premiere Editing-3 weeks


Adobe Premiere CC is one of the most advanced video editing platforms in the digital world. Commonly and widely used in the industry, Adobe Premiere CC is capable of creating a video with outstanding transitions, effects, and layering. If you want to upload your clip to YouTube or use it for broadcast on any TV […]

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Monty Award Night 2015 (PHOTOS)

Monty Awards 2015 trophy with screen in background

The  MCM Volunteer Recognition Night (Monty’s)  held at Black Rock Center for the Arts in Germantown November 1 was a great success again this year.  It was a comfortable chance for the volunteers and producers to get together and just socialize. There was food, drinks, a photo booth and a silent auction for people to […]

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2015 Antique and Classic Car Show-Rockville

Ebuick interior

It’s October, which means the Rockville Antique and Classic car Show was at the Rockville Civic Center on October 17. You don’t even have to like cars but having an appreciation for what they were when you had one as a youngster or rode in your parents or grandparents car. It is kind of nostalgic, looking […]

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Video Editing Made Easy

Kishan editing

Did you ever go to a movie or even watch one on TV? You turn on the TV, or whatever you use to watch shows and movies and sit through it totally intrigued with the effects and things that just didn’t seem possible, and wonder how do they do that.  You know it isn’t real […]

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Girls on the Run 16th 5K Race

Girls on the Run 16th 5k race at Montgomery Mall

The Girls on the Run non-profit organization (GOTR) for Montgomery County had their 16th 5k race on Sunday May 17 at Montgomery Mall in Bethesda. The Girls on the Run is nationwide but this run was for Montgomery County residents. GOTR  uses running to help girls from third through eighth grade gain self esteem and team work skills. They train for two […]

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Shoot Videos :Edit Videos

Jim at the editing table in 1972

Do you like to go out and shoot videos of your family, vacations, events etc? If you do knowing how to edit them is something you should do. A video shot and just shown is usually not the most appealing to watch.   But with a little knowledge, and some tools, along with a slightly […]

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Cherry Blossoms-Taking Photos? Read This

red butterfly yellow flower

We finally made it through the B x W of winter to the beginning of the burst of color that Spring brings. Windows open, out comes the clothes that don’t make us look blown up like we are a float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The cameras come out to capture the bright and vibrant colors of […]

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Girls on the Run


  Recently I met some people from this organization. It seemed like an interesting thing they do and during our conversation was asked if we could do a video  or cover one of their practice sessions. I thought why not, so I found out where they were practicing and went there to get get some pictures […]

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New Photoshop Class

plane through powerlines

  There is a saying: “ Seeing is believing.” But is it really? Is that picture you are looking at really true to life? Models are air brushed for magazines, pictures can be manipulated to make you believe what you see is real, people may be in a group picture but were never actually there. […]

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Throw Back Anyday..A '50s-Video


There are many of us that remember times when things were so  different  we even spent our formative years during that time. Many TV shows were based on that decade, for example wonder years and many more. It is interesting at that time, TV was just beginning with 4 maybe 5 channels, color television wasn’t there […]

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