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A Pilot for 20 Minutes


I will be traveling for a while so will keep the Olney blog going but it will be about what’s going on with me.

I will try to keep updates daily about where I am and what I’m doing outside of Olney. To begin with I had an interesting experience by trying something different Sunday the 19th. I took a demo flying lesson at an airport in Middle River, Maryland. It was a blast!! The instructor gave some instructions and next thing I knew we were in the cockpit of a Cessna. My wife Marian was allowed to sit in the back seat and ride along so she took some pictures with her phone. After the instruction I got the controls while we traveled down the tarmac until we were waiting to take off. Of course the instructor took the controls for the takeoff. We got to about 1000 ft and I was given the controls with verbal instructions. I took the plane to 2200 ft , did some turns using many of the controls. We flew out to the bay bridge an a little way to the eastern shore, After about 15 minutes I was instructed to turn back and head to the airport. I kept control of the plane until we dropped to 700 ft and were about 1/4 mile from the runway when the instructor took it back to land. It was an amazing experience. On Monday, the 20th, we are flying to Denver, I will be a passenger for this. I guess after being a pilot for 20 minutes doesn’t qualify me for the big boys! I will be reporting in from my travels through the Midwest, throughout this week.

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