Playhouse 90 Presents: Choices (Video)

Produced by Phil Fabrizio.
It is a story about a young actress who grew up near the Rose Bowl in California. After early success and disappointment in Los Angeles she starts a new life and family eventually moving to the Washington Metro Area and revitalizes her acting career by snagging various roles in period and political films, such as Lincoln and VEEP.

The interview takes place with the aspiring actress Lisa Levenbach, who lives in Gaithersburg MD. Early on she sets aside her ambitions for an acting career and dedicates it to raise a family. Now, while raising a family, she faces a tough choice to follow the success of her son Carlo’s high school football life in a State Championship game in Baltimore MD or go to Richmond VA for the filming of Lincoln in which she has a background role. This time she chooses to follow her acting career and ends up in a scene being directed by Steve Spielberg and is seen acting with Sally Fields, Tommy Lee Jones and Daniel Day Louis.

PG-13 (no violence or foul language).
Technicians: Suneeta Misra, Joshua Rodriquez
Editors: Mario Dasilva

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One Response to “Playhouse 90 Presents: Choices (Video)”

  1. On March 28, 2013 at 1:19 pm responded with... #

    I am your biggest fan Lisa. You’ve been through so much and I am so very proud of yo and all thats you have accomplished. Keep going after all your dreams hon…live your life!

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