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Police Say Over 350 Arrested for DUI in Capital Beltway Region

A two-month combined traffic enforcement initiative by state and county police departments in the Capital Beltway region has resulted in more than 350 drunk-drugged driving arrests and more than 100 arrests for criminal violations, according to a Jan. 5 news release from the Maryland State Police Department.

In partnership with the Prince George’s County Police and the Montgomery County Police, the Maryland State Police initiated Operation Stay Alive – Think and Drive, on October 31. The cooperative effort was launched after an increase in drunk driving crashes, including four state troopers who were struck in four weeks, all by suspected drunk drivers. Troopers and Prince George’s County officers worked special traffic enforcement details every Friday and Saturday night through the end of 2014. Troopers and Montgomery County officers worked a holiday patrol Wednesday through Saturday nights that began November 19th. The enforcement focus was on drunk/drugged drivers, distracted drivers, speeders, and those who failed to obey Maryland’s ‘move over’ law.

As of today, the combined enforcement of the three police departments has resulted in the following:

-360 drunk/drugged driving arrests;
-102 criminal arrests;
-17 citations for selling/furnishing alcohol to a person under 21;
-12 citations for a person under 21 in possession of alcohol;
-330 traffic citations for speeding;
-293 traffic citations for violation of the move over law;
-15 traffic citations for cell phone use/texting while driving;
-775 safety equipment repair orders;
-7,322 traffic citations and warnings for other traffic offenses;

Police at all three departments said this cooperative effort has saved lives and helped remind motorists of the importance of traffic safety and increased safety in the Capital Beltway region for motorists and police officers, fire/EMS personnel, and tow service operators working on the roadside. Police said similar efforts are expected in the future.

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