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Press Conferences and “The Dark Knight Rises” by David Cabrera

Good Morning/Afternoon, or whenever you may be reading this.

I am going to start off this post differently than the others before it and just talk about my time here at Montgomery Community Media first. Throughout my time interning here at Montgomery Community Media, I have learned so much and I completely grateful to the people at MCM, especially my Production buddies. From starting off and having no idea how to edit video, let alone use Final Cut,  and now editing video content from shows like “21 This Week” and “Montgomery Week in Review” for the website, I have come a long way.

This past Monday I went out and helped out with filming the groundbreaking for the Pike and Rose development at Rockville (which will open in 2014). That experience in itself was pretty cool. Governor Martin O’Malley was there, along with Roger Berliner, Ike Legget, and many other important political figures in Maryland. Although I was there to learn the intricacies (behind the scenes things if you will) of what goes into filming a press conference, most importantly having your own microphone; the development plan and the ideas that the planners and local leaders have for Pike and Rose sounded pretty encouraging. Having this new development in Rockville will provide the area with over 500,000 jobs, over a billion dollars in tax revenue, and countless visitors to the area. The future in Rockville, presently and beyond looks really bright.

This last piece of my blog (really short today huh?) is about “Dark Knight Rises”. There hasn’t been a movie this summer so hyped and advertised (promos were shown in theatres LAST JULY). With most of the critics’ reviews of the movie saying that it is better than “Dark Knight”, I get more and more excited for Saturday (the day I hope to see it). Christian Bale is always brilliant as Bruce Wayne/Batman and I expect nothing less from him in this one. The villain in this movie, Bane (played by Tom Hardy), looks really intimidating and judging by the previews, seems to have some devious, dark plans for Gotham City. Overall, he seems like a good choice as the villain. Bane is no Joker, but I don’t see that being a real issue for the movie going, hardcore Batman fans. Anne Hathaway, besides being one of my celebrity crushes, is a great actress, but I was kind of surprised when she got cast as Selina Kyle/Catwoman. Judging by the scenes that I have seen in the previews and some reviews by critics saying that she steals the movie, she seems like a pretty good choice for the role. All I can do now is, like the rest of you, sit back and enjoy the show, the last movie of the epic trilogy of Batman.

Have a great weekend everybody!

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